About Lefkas…

It is the fourth largest of the Ionian Islands with a surface area of 356 square kilometers and a coastline of 117 km.
It has 6 municipalities and a total population of 23.000 inhabitants.
Its highest peaks are Stavrota mountains and it has a temperate Mediterranean climate.

About Ligia…

A few kilometers further from the town of Lefkas is the beautiful harbour of Ligia, the port of the mountainous village, Katouna.
In the middle of this route (Ligia – Katouna) is situated the complex “Theasis Villas”.
One of the most important fishing boat piers of Western Greece operates here in Ligia.
The inhabitants of this area work both, fishing and more intensively in tourism, exploiting new – fangled hotels, rooms for rent and beautiful seafront taverns serving fresh fish and a variety of other dishes.

Enjoy your stay…